Simon on demand…


Although I regularly perform as a live accompanist I am finding that my services are being called upon in a more virtual fashion. With the tools I have available in my home studio I am able to produce high quality, digital piano recordings and deliver them via DropBox, or other file-sharing provider. With virtual instruments such as Synthogy Ivory II and PianoTeq 6 I am able to produce a sound that is indistinguishable from an acoustic piano.

The benefits of creating a backing in this way is that all aspects of the recording can be tweaked and modified to my client's requirements. If the tempo or dynamic needs adjusting at a certain point, then it is a simple matter to do so. I generally encourage my clients to listen to the first version of the recording that I provide, several times over, jotting down any comments as they arise. This information is then fed back to me in as much detail as possible and I can adjust the recording and return a new version.

There can be a few versions, depending on the requirements, but this does not incur additional cost (within reason). I only invoice for the work once my client is happy with the result. As yet I have not had too many back-and-forth experiences and all my clients have been very kind with their feedback.

I would love to discuss your musical project or track with you and perhaps be your virtual accompanist. Please drop me an email and we can produce some music together.

Below are a few examples of my accompanying work: