Have a lesson online…

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Although not quite the same as a face-to-face lesson I do offer piano lessons online. This provides the convenience of having a lesson in your own home at a convenient time.

Online lessons tend to be shorter than face-to-face. This is because they can be more intense, due to the staring at a screen some of the time.

First online lessons are always free as there are bound to be familiarity issues and technical entertainments…

Things you will need…

  • Computer/laptop/tablet/phone with a webcam, microphone and speakers
  • Stable and reasonable internet connection
  • Email address
If using a mobile phone be aware that I will be able to see you nicely, but due to the size of the screen you may not be able to view my side of the conversation so well.
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How it happens…

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I use Zoom video conferencing software to run my online lessons. I have found this to be more stable than other offerings. It is available on any platform/device and does not require an account for my students.

I simply send a meeting link to your email, you click/tap the link and once everything is connected we start the lesson.

On a phone or tablet you will need to download the Zoom app to your device. This is very quick and completely secure. At NO TIME will I have access to your device.

For best results…

In order to get the most from a lesson the better I can see and hear your hands on the piano the better the lesson will go. There is a happy medium where the sound will not distort, but I can see your keyboard clearly. Some experimentation may be required (hence the free first lesson).

Knowing up-front what is going to be worked on is also useful. Communicating before the lesson is essential so that we both know what sheet music is going to be needed (if any) ahead of time.

The most important thing to remember is that these lessons are a compromise. Not being face-to-face has limitations, but being able to discuss learning the piano from any distance is fantastic.
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Lesson payment…

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I use PayPal to securely invoice my lessons. This allows me to accept all payment methods.

The first lesson is always free, but after that I tend to invoice by the hour, ahead of future lessons. You may choose to pay for two hours of time and each lesson will generally spend 20 minutes (£10) of your pre-paid amount.