Providing the backing you need...

With many years experience in music as a teacher, performer and composer/arranger I can provide original and unique backing tracks for any occasion. Whether it is a gentle piano accompaniment, a full orchestra or an atmospheric synth soundscape I can help create the sound you are looking for.

(See below for some examples of my work)

All I require is a guiding idea as to the desired result of the commission, the more direction and information the better. If it is to be a backing track for an instrumentalist or singer then, by exchanging sound files, I can mix the final result together with any solo material provided to produce the finished track.

I arrange all my tracks either within Presonus Studio One 2 Professional or Ableton Live 9 Suite, with some composition in Sibelius 7.5. I have a large selection of VST instruments and outboard gear which gives me access to almost any type and style of sound imaginable.

Please refer to the prices page for a rough guide on cost but I treat each commission as a new work and the result is unique to your request. This means each work can take several hours to produce and is likely to be more expensive than an off the shelf track. All my commissions are produced on a not-happy-no-cost basis. Generally I produce a rough sample as quickly as I can and then we can progress from any suggestions you have from that source material.

If you have any questions or wish to enquire as to what I can offer you please do not hesitate to
contact me.

Below are a few examples of recent work:
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Hank Marvin backing track commission

Vintage TV opening excerpt by Murlock

Retro Game excerpt by Murlock

Shadows track excerpt by Murlock

Backing Excerpt - TV Titles by Murlock

Backing Excerpt - Pilates by Murlock

Backing Excerpt - Piano and Guitar by Murlock

Backing Excerpt - Background Piano by Murlock

Backing Excerpt - Vivaldi Summer by Murlock

Backing Excerpt - Mozart Bond by Murlock